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Public School Districts in New York City

An incredible system of 1,400-plus schools, the New York City Schools—run by the renowned New York City Department of Education—are an ever-improving establishment of learning and development. Servicing over 1.1 million students in the public school system alone, the school system in New York City is the largest in the United States. Encompassing the five boroughs of New York City, the public school system is a melting pot of ethnicities, religions and cultures, making the curriculum a wonderful reflection of this diversity.

The department is run by the New York City School Chancellor and is often the go-to location for many new experiments in education, textbook revisions and new teaching strategies. A multitude of special programs and offerings are available to the New York City Schools residents, including gifted and talented education, English language learner's education and small learning communities. Many groundbreaking technological resources are available to the New York City Schools and there is constantly construction and updating done to the various buildings—some historic or memorial sites. Always adhering to the strict educational standards of NY State, the city schools are dedicated to hiring the best staff, teachers and administrators who make accountability and student achievement their number one priority. With the amazing resources of a city such as New York, the classroom is often extended beyond the building and field trips and visits are status quo for learners in the many districts. A remarkable organization of schools, the New York City education system is a top-notch program that continues to create some of the nation's brightest minds and scholars.

Public Schools in New York City

Bronx County Schools
Kings County Schools (Brooklyn)
New York County Schools (Manhattan)
Queens County Schools
Richmond County Schools (Staten Island)